Aolong Factory Area

The company have professional product testing rooms and equipped with professional product testing personnel, portable x-ray flaw detector penetration, blackness and other performance indicators for testing, aging experiment. The performance of portable DR, real-time imaging system and industrial CT was tested.


Our production workshop adopts advanced automated production lines and is equipped with precision mechanical equipment, which can efficiently complete various manufacturing tasks. Our equipment has undergone careful debugging and maintenance to ensure stable and reliable performance, and can meet various complex production needs.


Our production workshop emphasizes quality control. We have a strict quality management system and testing equipment, which can strictly monitor and inspect every step of the production process to ensure that the quality of our products meets international standards.


We have a team composed of professional technical personnel. These personnel have undergone professional training and accumulated practical experience, possessing rich industry knowledge and technical capabilities. They are familiar with the production process and can quickly solve various production problems, ensuring product quality and delivery time.


Our production workshop also pays attention to environmental protection. We have adopted advanced environmental protection technologies to reduce the emissions of exhaust gas, wastewater, and solid waste during the production process, ensuring that our production has the lowest impact on the environment.


Our production workshop is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We can customize various products according to customer requirements and provide professional technical support and after-sales service.


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