Combination multifunctional X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3500

  • Combination multifunctional X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3500
Combination multifunctional X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3500
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The AL-Y3500 combination multifunctional X-ray diffractometer is a high-performance and high-precision domestically produced X-ray diffractometer in China, and is a leading project announced by the National Development and Reform Commission.

X-ray Diffractometer

Applied in various fields of material structure analysis. Materials that can be analyzed include: metal materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, organic materials, nanomaterials, superconducting materials; The material status includes: powder sample, block sample, thin film sample, and micro area trace sample.

Widely used in research fields such as clay minerals, cement building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock minerals, polymers, etc


Instrument features:

● The perfect combination of hardware and software systems to meet the needs of scholars and researchers in different application fields

● High precision diffraction angle measurement system to obtain more accurate measurement results

● High stability X-ray generator control system, achieving more stable repeated measurement accuracy

● Various functional accessories meet the needs of different testing purposes

● Programmed operation, integrated structural design, easy operation, and more aesthetically pleasing instrument appearance

● Identification of one or more phases in unknown samples

● Quantitative analysis of known phases in mixed samples

● Crystal structure analysis (Rietveld structure analysis)

● Changes in crystal structure under unconventional conditions (high and low temperature conditions)

● Film sample analysis, including film phase, multi-layer film thickness, surface roughness, and charge density

● Analysis of micro area samples

● Texture and stress analysis of metal materials

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