Focus on X-ray NDT since 1964

Aolong Group is a high-tech private enterprise with more than 50 years history and has powerful comprehensive technology strength.Main Products: X-ray flaw detector,X-ray pipeline crawler,X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer,X-ray diffractometer ,Industrial CT,Digital x-ray system……

  • 450kV X-ray Real-time Imaging System
  • X-ray system in India
Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co.,Ltd

Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise with strong technical and comprehensive strength in the radiation instrument industry in China. Aolong Group inherits a 50 year history of Chinese radiation instrument development. At present, Aolong Group has four subsidiaries: Shanghai Aolong Xingdi, Dandong Aolong Electronics, Aolong Testing Services, and Dandong Aolong Zhongke Sensing Technology. Aolong is a developer and product manufacturer of professional X-ray instruments and material testing instruments, as well as a service provider of X-ray testing solutions.