X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3000

  • X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3000
X-ray diffractometer AL-Y3000
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The AL-Y3000 diffractometer is designed for material research and industrial product analysis, and is a comprehensive product that combines conventional analysis with special purpose measurements.

X-ray Diffractometer

● The perfect combination of hardware and software systems to meet the needs of scholars and researchers in different application fields

● High precision diffraction angle measurement system to obtain more accurate measurement results

● High stability X-ray generator control system, achieving more stable repeated measurement accuracy

● Programmed exploration, integrated structural design, easy operation, and more aesthetically pleasing instrument appearance

X-ray diffractometer is a universal testing instrument that reveals the crystal structure and chemical information of materials.

●Identification of one or more phases in unknown samples

Quantitative analysis of known phases in mixed samples

Crystal structure analysis

Texture and stress analysis of metal materials

X-ray diffractometer can analyze natural or artificially synthesized inorganic or organic materials, and is widely used in research fields such as clay minerals, cement building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock minerals, polymers, etc.

●Based on θ-θ Geometric optical design facilitates sample preparation and installation of various accessories

The application of metal ceramic X-ray tubes greatly improves the operating power of diffractors

Closed proportional counter, durable and maintenance free

The silicon drift detector has superior angular resolution and energy resolution, and the measurement speed is increased by more than three times

Rich diffractometer accessories to meet the needs of different analysis purposes

Automatic recognition of various functional accessories of diffractometer

Modular design, also known as plug and play components, allows operators to correctly use the corresponding accessories of the diffractometer without the need to calibrate the optical system


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