X Ray Powder Diffractometer Xrd

  • X Ray Powder Diffractometer Xrd
X Ray Powder Diffractometer Xrd
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AL Series X-ray diffractometer is designed for materials reserarch and industrial products analysis. X-ray Powder Diffraction is the perfect combination of conventional analysis with special-purpose measurement products.
X ray diffractometer analyzes natural or synthetic inorganicor organic material, widely used in the field of clay minerals,cement, building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock, polymer research.

X-ray diffractometer

● The perfect combination of hardware and software systems meets the needs ofacademics and researchers in different application areas.

● High precision diffraction angle measurement system obtains more accurateresults.

● High stability of the X-ray generator control system gets more stable repeatabilityprecision.

● Programmable operation,integrated structure design, easy operation,elegantoutlook.

X-ray Powder Diffraction ( XRD ) is a versatile test instrument to reveal the crystal structureand chemical information:

● Unkown samples in a variety of phase identification.

● Mixed samples with known quantitative phase analysis.

● Crystal structure analysis.

● Crystal structure changes under Unconventional conditions (high temperature,low temperature conditions).

● XRD can Analysis on material surface film.

● Analysis on metal material texture and stress.

Technique parameter

Rated power3kW
Tube voltage10~60kV
Tube current5~80mA
X-ray tubeglass tube,ceramic tube,ripple ceramic tube: Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo etc, Power 2kW
Focus size1×10mm or 0.4×14mm or 2×12mm
Goniometer structureHorizontal(θ-2θ)
Radius of diffraction185mm
Scanning range0~164
Scanning speed0.0012°~ 70°/min
Max.revolving speed100°/min
Scanning fashionθ-2θ linkage,θ,2θ single action;continuius or stepping scanning
Angle repeatable accuracy1/1000°
Minimal stepping angle1/1000°
Detectorproportional counters(PC) or scintillation counters(SC)
Maximal counting rate of linearity5×10°CPS(with the compensate function of drop out counting)
Energy resolution ratio≤25%(PC) ≤50%(SC)
Counting fashiondifferential coefficient or integral,PHA automatically,Dead time regulate
Stability of system measure≤0.01%
Scattered rays dose≤1μSv/h(without X-ray protective device)
Instrument integrative stability≤0.5%
Figure size1100×850×1750mm

X-ray Powder Diffraction

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