Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis

  • Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis
  • Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis
  • Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis
  • Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis
Portable X-ray Fluorescence Xrf Analysis
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Using Portable X-ray fluorescence Xrf analysis technology, The X-ray fluorescence is capable of measuring various elements in the substance simultaneously. The portable xrf can be configured to measure any multiple elements from Na to U according to the user's application requirements. The xrf analysis can be widely used in the environmental protection, archaeology, building materials, RoHS directive and other industries. The portable xrf is the ideal choice of quality control for the enterprise.

portable xrf

Basic principle of XRF analysis

The electron orbital potential energy of the various elements is different from each other.Therefore, the x-ray photon energy emitted after excitation is different from each other,i.e.,each element emitsx一rays with the specific energy of the atom of that element, which represents the characteristics of the element and is therefore called the characteristic X-ray of the element. The characteristic X-ray of each element has its specific energy, and the X-ray detected with certain energy can determine the existence of this element in the material sample.

Portable X-ray fluorescence work principle

The original X-ray produced by X-ray tube and high voltage is irradiated on the sample after being properly filtered by the optical filter.The characteristic X-ray (called X-ray fluorescence) of the elements contained in the sample is stimulated. X-ray fluorescence spectra were obtained by using X-ray detectors with high energy resolution. Different elements formed different spectral peaks on the spectra. The strength of the spectral peak is directly proportional to the content of elements in the sample. The energy spectrum detected by the detector is analyzed by the computer.The types of elements contained in the sample are qualitatively analyzed by the position and shape of thespectral peak.

The portable xrf is equipped with Si(PIN) or SDD detector.

The resolution of detector is one of the main indexes to evaluate the performance of The portable XRF.

Resolution <145eV (The lower the resolution, the higher the sensitivity.)

Counting rate > 1000/S

Crystal area > 15mm2

Beryllium window thickness = 0.025mm

Detector power < 1.2W

Technical parameters

Size  weight353mm(L)×233mm(w)×200mm(H)  7.68kg
Anylysis principlePortable energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis
Element measuring rangeAny element from Na(11)~U(92)
Min.measuring limitCd/Hg/Br/Cr/Pb≤2ppm
Sample shapeArbitrary size, any irregular shape
Sample typePlastic/Metal/Film/Power/Liquid etc
X ray tubeTarget materialMo
Tube voltage5~50KV
Tube current1~1000μA
Sample exposure diameter2,5,8mm
DetectorSi-Pin or SDD detector,high speed pulse height analysis system
High voltage generatorSpecial HV generator for X-ray fluorescence
ADC2048 channels
Xrf Analysis softwarePatented software products,free upgrade for life
Xrf Analysis methodTheoretical α coefficient method,basic parameter method,empirical coefficient method
Analysis time30~900 seconds,adjustable
Operating system softwareWINDOWS XP
Data processing
HostNotebook computer
Hard disk≥500G
Display14″ LCD display
Working environmentTemperature 10~35℃,humidity 30~90% RH

xrf analysis

X-ray fluorescence

portable xrf

xrf analysis

X-ray fluorescence

portable xrf

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