Energy Dispersion X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Xrf Analizador

  • Energy Dispersion X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Xrf Analizador
  • Energy Dispersion X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Xrf Analizador
  • Energy Dispersion X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Xrf Analizador
Energy Dispersion X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Xrf Analizador
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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) is a state-of-art universal analysis method for elemental determination of various materials.
XRF analizador is characterized by simple sample preparation, wide range of measurement elements,high accuracy, good reproducibility,fast measuring speed (30s to 900s), no environmental pollution and no damage to samples.

x ray fluorescence spectrometer

Accurate qualitative, quantitative and non-standard analysis can be carried out on almost all elements in the periodic table, rangingfrom beryllium (Be4) to uranium (U92) whether it's the sample of block, powder or liquid. According to the different application requirements,the analysis concentration ranges from 0.1 PPM to 100%,and even the concentration of elements up to 100% can be measured directly without dilution.

Applications widely

x ray fluorescence spectrometer is widely used in the fields of environmental protection, geology, mineral, metallurgy, cement, electronics, petrochemical, polymer, food, medicine and high-tech materials. XRF analizador plays an important role in product research and development, production process monitoring and quality management. See the specific applicationas follows:

● Electronics, plastics, metal materials: various electronic components, hardware, plastic materials and products, circuit board etc.

● Paper and paper materials: raw materials, various paper, toner, ink, etc.

● Petroleum, coal: petroleum, lubricating oil, heavy oil, polymer, coal, coke, etc.

● Ceramics, cement: ceramics, refractory materials, rocks, glass, cement, cement raw materials and raw materials, clinker, limestone, clay, etc.

● Agriculture, food: soil, pesticide residues, fertilizer, plants, various food and so on.

● Non-ferrous metals: copper alloys, aluminum alloys, lead alloys, zinc alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, precious metals, etc.

● lron and steel: pig iron, cast iron, stainless steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, special steel, ferroalloy, iron ore, slag, electroplating solution, casting sand, etc

● Chemical industry: inorganic organics and products, cosmetics, detergents, rubber, toners, catalysts, coatings, pigments, drugs, chemical fibers, etc.

● Environment: all kinds of waste, industrial waste, atmospheric dust, industrial waste water, sea water, river water, etc.

● Biological science: organisms. auxiliaries, etc.

Technical parameters

Analysis principleEnergy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis
Element measuring rangeAny element from Na(11)~U(92)
Min.measuring limitCd/Hg/Br/Cr/Pb≤2ppm
Sample shapeArbitrary size, any irregular shape
Sample typePlastic/Metal/Film/Power/Liquid etc
X ray tubeTarget materialMo
Tube voltage5~50KV
Tube current1~1000μA
Sample exposure diameter2,5,8mm
DetectorSi-Pin or SDD detector,high speed pulse height analysis system
High voltage generatorSpecial HV generator for X fluorescence
ADC2048 channels
Filter6 filters are automatically selected and converted
Sample observation200×color CCD camera
Analysis softwarePatented software products,free upgrade for life
Analysis methodTheoretical α coefficient method,basic parameter method,empirical coefficient method
Analysis time30~900 seconds,adjustable
Operating system softwareWINDOWS XP
Data processing
HostPC business model
Hard disk≥500G
Display22''or 24'' LCD display
Working environmentTemperature 10~35℃,humidity 30~70% RH

xrf analizador

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

x ray fluorescence spectrometer

xrf analizador

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

x ray fluorescence spectrometer

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xrf analizador

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1. For sample order, 3-5 working days

2. For mass production, 5-7 weeks (It also depends on the order quantity and design)

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