Industrial NDT Radiographic Testing RT

  • Industrial NDT Radiographic Testing RT
Industrial NDT Radiographic Testing RT
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Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT is specially designed for core analysis. According to core's length and diameter, the distance between X-ray source anddetector can be adjusted to get the best imaging result.
Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT by rotated work table(with plastic or Al made barrel),the user can get the internal 3D image of core,2D or 3D X-ray images could supply very valuable core internal data, the data coula pe useu oI Uvavah lgcore quality or make further study.

Radiographic Testing

Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT uses X-ray to scan various rocks (includes sandstone, carbonatite, shale, coal, soil, fossil, etc ), scanning and imaging on the inner structure of sample, processing the sample inner structure by software, can support on the reconstructing 3D digital rock model; Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT can calculate rock sample porosity,measuring aperture and pore-throat ratio, show the spatial distribution and connectivity situation of pore. Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT can show various clay mineral spatial distribution and contents, using for authigenic minerals distribute and analysis.

Main Functions

● Open micro-focus X-ray tube with high accuracy, long working life, and more stable performance.

● 3D volume CT.

● Stable marble base ensures the stability of the Industrial NDT radiographic testing RT system.

● High accuracy bearing technique and linear slideway system ensure thehigh accuracy measurement of the system.

● Compact design of the equipment appearance, small space required.

● 2D real time imaging,3D reconstruct fast.

● Support ROl scan, user can do separated scan, calculate and analyze onthe defined area.

● Professional core analysis software, could statistical calculate the coreinternal tube throat’s connection relation, porosity ratio, throat size andvarious seepage characteristics parameters.

● Industrial NDT radiographic testing CT can scan the complete core, and make complete description of the corestatic physical parameters, not only could intuitively describe the corecharacteristic, like porosity distribution,density change, crack, pore, bedding, core injury, etc, and also could calculate core’s basic physicalparameters, like volume, density, porosity ratio, saturation.

● Analysis result could be saved or printed.

● Scan mode: cone beam scan, helix scan is optional.

Industrial NDT Radiographic Testing

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