Micro focus industrial CT

  • Micro focus industrial CT
Micro focus industrial CT
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The system architecture design is simple and compact, which is a set of high-resolution X-ray industrial CT systems with flexible configuration and can meet various detection needs. It has the characteristics of high imaging resolution, fast scanning speed, rich functions, easy operation, stable operation, and low usage and maintenance costs.


The system can be equipped with an X-ray source with a resolution of 160kV or above at the micrometer level, as well as a high-energy open type micro focal point line source, with a maximum energy of 300KV and a minimum JIMA resolution of 0.5 micrometers.

This system is ideal for detecting homogeneous metals, ceramics, plastics, rock cores, complex castings, and semiconductors. Widely used in aerospace, automotive parts manufacturing, machinery, electrical, shipbuilding, weapons, materials, geology, archaeology, and many other fields.

Performance characteristics

Open micro focus ray tube, with high precision, longer service life, and more stable performance.

3D volumetric CT.

A sturdy marble base ensures the stability of the equipment.

High precision bearing technology and linear guide rail system ensure high-precision measurement.

The external design of the equipment is compact, simple and generous, with a small footprint.

Automatically and quickly detect, analyze, and display internal defects or pores.

Analyze the volume, location, size, and surface area of each defect.

Identify defects with colors based on their volume size.

Analyze and statistically analyze the entire object or user specified "ROI", including defect size, total porosity percentage, and porosity volume.

The data interface allows the analysis results in the software to be exported.

Scanning method: Cone beam, spiral optional.

Radiation safety is better than 1 μ Sv/h.

Detection instance


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