Industrial Computer Tomography CT Radiography System

  • Industrial Computer Tomography CT Radiography System
Industrial Computer Tomography CT Radiography System
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Industrial computer tomography system is composed of the high frequency and constant voltage x-ray source,digital flat panel detector, and high precision mechanical inspection table. The Industrial CT system not only displays the CT chip and 3D images of the inspected object, but also with 2D real-time imaginginspection. So Industrial radiography CT is widely used for NDT inspection and measurement in aerospace,aviation military, machinery, casting, IT, automobile field, etc.

Industrial computer tomography system

Main Functions

● Using cone beam CT scan and DR inspection mode,based on the measurement of the object, Industrial computer tomography system can get thousands pieces tomographic.images at one time .

● The Industrial radiography system with the highest possible flexibility for individual customer requirements.

● The Industrial CT can analyze defect and pore to support ROl scan.

● Mark defect's volume, size and position by the different color.

● Analysis of wall thickness: mark the analysis results in different color.

● Measure the position,distance,radius,angle and other parametersof the object.

● Reverse engineering by CAD design compared with the physical object.

● Segmentation tool: data centralization,segmentation according tomaterial and geometry.

● Achieve accurate measurement of internal dimensions of the object.

Industrial CT has the advantages such as compact, high speed inspection, high resolution images, accurate inspection and high ratioof performance to price. 

Main Parameters

Tube voltage20kV~450kV
Focus size0.4mm
Density resolution0.50%
Scan modecone bean scan
Detectordigital flat detector or linear detector

Industrial radiography

Industrial CT

Industrial computer tomography system

Inspection Samples

Industrial radiography

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