For diameter 710mm~1219mm Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems

  • For diameter 710mm~1219mm Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems
For diameter 710mm~1219mm Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems
  • Aolong
  • China
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Pipeline Crawler X-Ray System adopts our company's independent designed constant tube current control system, completely solves the problems of battery power reducing and film bad resolution of traditional pipeline inspection crawler.

Pipeline Crawler

Magnetic positioning receiver is the core part of the whole pipeline crawler x-ray systems, which is directly related to the anti-interference ability, sensitivity, stability and reliability of magnetic positioning system.

Magnetic positioning can realize remote measurement of small volume object in pipeline, and its related electronic circuit is easy to realize. The relevant electromagnetic theory and many magnetic field detection methods provide a good technical support for this positioning method.

Pipeline x-ray Crawler is a testing equipment to take circumferential X-ray pictures of pipeline butt weld in pipeline laying engineering. A traction car is used to bring the circumferential X-ray inspection machine into the pipeline. When the ray emission window of the X-ray machine is aligned with the position of the welding joint, the magnetic receiving sensor is used to make the X-ray machine expose the welding joint in the pipeline according to the set exposure voltage and exposure time. Because the circumferential X-ray flaw detection machine is used to expose in the inner center of the pipeline, with short focal length and single wall projection, the exposure of the whole welding joint can be completed in one exposure. 

Compared with the dual-wall projection method of the directional x-ray machine, the work efficiency can be improved dozens of times.The movement of the tractor inside the pipe is controlled by the magnetic emitter control box outside the pipe to complete the forward, backward, stop, exposure and other actions.

Technical Parameters

Range of Pipe Diameterφ810-1440mmφ710-1219mmφ410-1016mmφ219-510mmφ219-510mm
Max.Penetration(A3 Steel)42mm35mm30mm24mm24mm
Tube(Cone)Max.Out Voltage350kv300kv250kv200kv200kv
Max.Out Current3mA3mA3mA3mA3mA
Focal Size1.0×2.3mm1.0×3.5mm1.0×2.0mm1.0×2.0mm1.0×2.0mm
Environment Temperature‘-30°-80°‘-30°-80°‘-30°-80°‘-30°-80°‘-30°-80°
Relative Humidity≤90%≤90%≤90%≤90%≤90%
Energy Capacity of Battery120V,20Ah110V,22Ah106V,22Ah110V,10Ah96V,10Ah
Crawling Ability≤45°≤45°≤45°≤45°30°-40°
Location Accuracy±5mm±5mm±5mm±5mm±5mm
Crawling Distance8Km(round trip)8Km(round trip)8Km(round trip)6Km(round trip)6Km(round trip)
Crawling Speed16-18m/min16-18m/min16-18m/min16-18m/min16-18m/min
(Crawler Vehicle)
Tuming Radius>70°>70°>70°>70°≥10D
Total Weight165Kg80Kg80Kg56.5Kg45Kg

Pipeline x-ray CrawlerPipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems

Pipeline Crawler

Pipeline x-ray Crawler

Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems

Pipeline Crawler

Pipeline x-ray Crawler

Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Systems

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Pipeline Crawler

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1. For sample order, 3-5 working days

2. For mass production, 5-7 weeks (It also depends on the order quantity and design)

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